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For the past 7 years, we have gained invaluable experience in the property market, which has given us in-depth knowledge about the different buying, selling, letting, developing, investing and property management options that are available. We are looking to help clients across the globe with a vested interest in the property market, to buy, sell, invest in and rent property, using a strategy that serves their interests best. If you’re new to the market, let our team of experts ensure your money is placed appropriately and join our Astute Investor’s Club today.


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Sale Options

Conventional Sales

We potentially can list properties on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla on behalf of sellers.


We have access to a range of interesting on market and off market commercial and residential projects. There are numerous strategies available for investing in property, so why not have a look through our options and get in touch? 

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Assisted Sales

There are plenty of ways to add value to a property before it is sold. For example, after a property is refurbished, it can often be sold for a much higher price than the initial valuation plus the cost of carrying out the refurbishment can be borne by Optionz Limited or its investors looking to joint venture with the vendor wanting to sell. This can be a win-win to both parties involved.


Cash Sales

Cash sales are a great way to quickly sell a property. We’ll ensure all transactions are based on fair valuations and conducted transparently.

Vendor Finance Sales

Vendor financing enables buyers to make regular repayments directly to property sellers in some cases, without having to secure finance from the bank or another lender, for the whole deal or part of the whole deal. This can offer benefits to both vendors and borrowers, so why not get in touch with Optionz Limited to see if it’s right for you?

Joint Ventures (JV’s): Profit Splitting Sales Strategy

If you want to invest with lower risk and greater confidence, a joint venture is a great option to do this. In a JV with us, you’ll benefit from our resources and our in-depth understanding of the property market, and we will share the risks, costs and profits. If you’re looking for a way to start earning excellent return on investments, why not start investing alongside us today?

New Homes Sales

There are Help to Buy and Shared Ownership options available for new homes.

Rent to Buy Strategy

Rent to buy schemes can benefit both buyers and sellers. Sellers benefit from rental income and the potential of higher sale price, whilst buyers benefit from subsidised rents along with gradually accumulating their deposits while working on their credit profile.

Option Agreements / Exchange with Delayed Completion

Options agreements are contracts between buyers and sellers, offering buyers the option of purchasing a property at a fixed price within a certain time period. Exchange with delayed completion means that sales are delayed, but definite. Why not talk through what selling or buying options are suitable for you, with Optionz Limited.


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Letting Options

There are a variety of different arrangements accessible when letting out properties. We help investors and landlords to decide how best to let out their properties, and we can also assist tenants on what arrangements best suit their interests.




We Have Expertise In: 

Conventional Lettings

Through online marketing companies such as Rightmove and Zoopla. We potentially can get your property the required exposure with the most appropriate pictures and Floorplans in order to attract the best possible tenants.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Lets

We take you through every step to get the required licences and being compliant by adhering to the legislation to get the best possible return on your asset and make it turn into a cash cow.

Short Lets

We take pride in saying that we really do well in this sector as we have built contacts overseas, such as with local relocation companies who brings us regular enquires for short term rentals. These kinds of rentals earn double or triple the rentals, as it is a very niche market and creates monopoly.

Holiday Lets

We take pride in saying that we also excel in this sector, as we have now had several years of successful experience with an immense track record for our investors minting great returns on their accommodations in form of holiday lets. We have gained a strong reputation and repetitive bookings year on year basis.

Rent to Rent

This is an absolute hands-off strategy for the landlords, which enables additional profits to be made, as we would happily take over property management and maintenance along with the assurance of fixed rental payments to the landlords irrespective of the occupancy status, whilst the initial landlord receives guaranteed rent with no commission charged.

Rent to Serviced Accommodation

This allows for guaranteed rent, with maintenance included, and works alongside holiday lets and short lets.

Corporate Lets

We have established connections with several corporates and companies who rent properties for their company employees and staff members; usually, these are long term rental proposals and works really well.

Lettings on Commercial Agreements or Management Agreements

We offer to represent the landlords from start to finish, taking every task and responsibility on us, on behalf of the landlords. We also, in most cases, offer the rent guarantee option along with honouring the management agreement.

Student Lets

We have a very strong command over this sector as we understand the needs and the requirements of this particular set of tenants. We plan well in advance, to meet the high demand of rentals at the start or their annual year at the university.

Rent to Councils

We approach councils directly and offer them fully compliant accommodations for the council tenants, in return the council offers long term commitment with assurance of looking after the accommodations.

Build to Let

We assist a lot of built to rent companies and PRS (Privately Rented Sectors) to fulfil their demands to find good quality tenants and to source professionals.

Commercial Leases

Another way to lease the commercial space along with the flats above and long-term ventures. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Optionz Limited to find out more.



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Property Managements

We can make renting out property as hassle-free as possible for you. Whilst you await return on your property investments, let us take care of your property for you. We can manage everything from rental inspections, to insuring your property is being used appropriately, to dealing with any maintenance issues that arise.

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  • Rental visits / Inspections.
  • Reports Every Quarter.
  • Fixing and Maintenance.
  • Serving appropriate notices when needed.
  • Applying for Licences, such as for permission to rent a property as a HMO, Selective Licences, Additional Licences and Landlord's Licences.
  • Timely rental reviews.
  • Retention of good tenants.
  • In some cases, furnishing the properties too at no additional cost to the landlords.
  • Arrangements for Inventories and schedule of conditions reports.
  • Protecting deposits for landlords and tenants with government approved schemes.
  • Fully vetting the potential tenants before the landlord's approval.
  • Liaising with the management on behalf of the landlords.
  • Duly complying with the regulations by abiding all the rules.
  • Getting timely changeovers for utilities and council tax registered on behalf of the landlords.
  • Providing any required property related documentations for tax and accounting purposes for the landlords.





Properties Sold and Let




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