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With over 7 years of experience in the property market, we have a national and international clientele, alongside extensive knowledge of the options for buying, selling, renting, investing in, developing and managing properties. Our team of specialists have strong relationships with a range of investors, businesses, developers, estate agents, vendors, buyers and sellers in the UK property market, so we are uniquely positioned to offer you bespoke, off-market and on-market, researched deals and Astute Investments across the UK.

Optionz Limited was founded not only on a passion for investing in start-ups, businesses and property market ourselves, but also with the express goal of helping others to navigate an investment landscape that can be complex otherwise. So, you can always expect clear communication, transparency and simple solutions from us. Why not get in touch with Optionz Limited today, to see what investment opportunity sounds right for you?


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Accreditations and Qualifications

We are fully qualified and accredited by the relevant bodies. We are:


 arla propertymark protected at Optionz astute investment club

Optionz are RLA Landlord members



Optionz, part of the PRS Property redress scheme.

 Optionz Astute Investors club. In association with ICO

 Returns on Investments selling Investment Opportunities and Property Management

 Returns on Investments selling Investment Opportunities and Property Management




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Why Choose Us?


We have over 7 years of experience in both investing in property ourselves and assisting clients on how to achieve high returns on their investments in the property market. Due to the vast range of strategies that are available to investors, extensive experience in the property market is essential in order to make well-informed decisions.


We believe that trust and honesty are critical foundations to maintaining longstanding, healthy and successful business relationships. So, you be assured that we will never present you with a deal that is not specifically tailored to suit your best interests.



We will always ensure our clients completely understand the details, risks and rewards of every deal they enter into beforehand, and we will provide ongoing support, information and advice afterwards.

Joint Opportunities  

At Optionz Limited, we are passionate about creating ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationships with investors. We aren’t just looking for clients, we are looking for investment partners. We are open to Joint Venture agreements and we are always looking for new, innovative start-ups to get involved with.



We Deliver…


Bespoke Deals

Every deal that we create is tailored to suit individual client’s requirements. We will start by having an in-depth discussion about your goals, the amount of money you’re looking to invest, and what kind of time-scale you are looking for.


Simple Solutions

We don’t think getting a good return on investments should be complicated. Our team of specialists will present you with simple, thoroughly researched solutions to meet your investment goals.


Excellent Results

Investing smartly is fundamental to achieving desired returns on investments. We have the industry knowledge and network of personnel necessary to ensure that any investment decisions you make reflect your best interests. Typically, we target a Multiple of Money (MoM) return in the range of 1.3x to 1.8x of the initial investment.







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